About me

Matt Hamm

Hello. My name is Matt Hamm. I'm a professional web designer, web developer, illustrator, husband & father. I live in Witney, Oxfordshire & and I am Creative Director & co-founder of a small web design studio called Supereight Studio based in Guildford in leafy Surrey alongside highly talented web designer Pete Orme.

I'm extremely passionate about the web, design, illustration, animation, typography, web standards, user experience & photography. I've got tons of experience designing logos, icons & mascots for businesses & producing unique online brand experiences. I've been designing websites since 1998 and drawing illustrations since I was 5 years old.

I like to tweet a lot about stuff, so follow me on Twitter if you can put up with my ramblings.


A brief history

To cut a long story short: I was born in Croydon, grew up in the small market town of Witney in Oxfordshire and studied for a BA (hons) Degree in Fine Art at Portsmouth University. My first proper job (other than cleaning windows in my uni holidays) was as an Art Editor for a small recycling magazine.

I went on to work for numerous design & web agencies in Oxfordshire & London & did a bit of freelancing here and there until I ended up in Brighton & working for Liquid Light; a lovely little web design agency located in the Laines, right next door to Clear Left

I love Brighton. It's where I met my beautiful South American (Venezuelan) wife who I married pretty quickly.

I used to cycle along the sea front every day to get to work, which has to be one of the best daily commutes I've ever had the fortune to endure.

Eventually, my wife Helen got a really, really good job in Surrey; so we had to move. I worked from home for Liquid Light for about 6 months but it didn't really work for me. I really missed Brighton & still do really. I actually had to turn down a number of Creative Directorships appointments which were offered to me just before we left for leafy Surrey.

Once settled in Surrey, I worked as a senior Web Designer for Chaos Design and then Kyan Media before taking the plunge and starting up my very own business with Peter Orme, who I met while working at Kyan. A truly excellent chap and an incredible designer.

Setting up my own agency is the culmination of a dream one of my best friends (Ben Tollady) and I have had for over 10 years. He has now & started up his own web design agency in Melbourne, Australia called Thirst Studios - so maybe one day we can join forces & go global

My son Diego was born in the same week that we offically started Supereight. So he really is the same age as the company. Having a child & starting your own business at the same time is probably not the easiest way of doing things but seriously, these have been the most incredible & wonderful things I have ever done in my life. Words cannot really explain.

Check out my LinkedIn profile for more details on my work history & experience. I hope you enjoy my portfolio of work and send me a message if you feel like talking about anything.